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CREEM Magazine

Biography Posted on 20 Jul, 2011 15:28

I am pleased to announce that CREEM Magazine in New York City has appointed me as Communication Director. CREEM Magazine visually stimulates, physically celebrates and mentally engages artists, connoisseur and opinion makers by creating a dialogue among equals. CREEM is never patronizing, it is aesthetically pleasing and follows the ethos of a rare manufactured product, curated like an exhibition by an international team, yet edited quarterly like a magazine.

Browns Fashion and I

Biography Posted on 15 Nov, 2010 10:42

I am pleased to announce that Caroline Burstein, creative director at Browns Fashion has invited me to be the guest blogger for Browns Fashion.

This year Browns celebrates 40 years and is just as revolutionary as it ever was. One of London’s most valued fashion landmarks, Browns continues to offer pieces that have been individually selected from the world’s top designers.

Sutor Mantellassi and I

Biography Posted on 26 Oct, 2010 13:56

I am delighted to announce that I have been appointed communication consultant at Sutor Mantellassi UK.

The London store will be the focus of a media campaign
that will comprise in-store events, partnerships with other luxury brands and
publications as well as a targeted advertising campaign in 2011.

Istituto Marangoni and I

Biography Posted on 13 Sep, 2010 17:52

September is the January in Fashion – Candy Pratts Price

It’s official, I am teaching Luxury Management at Istituto Marangoni in London.

Fabio Ciquera

Biography Posted on 22 Jul, 2010 15:12

My experience as a communication strategist for the
luxury industry spans a twelve year period. My career started at mega brands
like Gian Franco Ferre’ and the Chanel Group, where I absorbed the philosophies
of communicating luxury to a global target audience. The communication panorama
changed fast in the early noughties; smaller brands had to radically rethink
their communication strategies relying on the qualities and exclusiveness of
their products more than on huge advertising budgets.

When I realised that this trend was becoming

, I moved to a small, high-end brand, Zilli France. Still my dream
was to work in the publishing industry.

My first chance was at UpStreet Magazine, a
well-established French Men’s publication, where I turned around the British
version adapting it to the UK market and increased advertising revenues by 25%.
This was achieved by creating a positive stream of communication about the title
as well as strengthening relations with brands.

In 2006, I joined Plastique Magazine. Using my strong
network of brand’s top executives and knowledge of advertising sales agencies,
along with a strong PR acumen, I put Plastique on the agenda of Fashion Houses
and fashionistas alike. As part of the strategy I created a solid network of
distributors; Plastique was largely available in key urban areas and in top
stores as 10 Corso Como in Milan, Colette in Paris and Barns&Noble in NYC.

Alongside with Plastique I worked with the fantastic
team of HQ Communication, a boutique communication agency for the Arts.
Together we created communication solutions for The Royal Academy and the
British Museum. It was a
remarkable experience working for the
first emperor
exhibition, held at the British Museum.

In 2007 I took the post of Communication Director at
IF – Imagine Fashion, a revolutionary video platform for the online and on
mobile audience. What lured me to join IF’s team was the unique offering;
editorial videos directed by leading photographers and directors along with
exclusive editorials. The challenge was to create a communication strategy that
illustrated a new and forward way to consume high-end fashion.

I created a network of advertising sales agencies
across Europe. Mainly I created a strategy that gave IF credibility as well as
tangibility, associating the new publication with top luxury brands in London,
Milan and Paris. IF is due to launch in September 2010.