Pirjo Niemela is one of the leading Scandinavian stylists. She has
contributed to major international magazines and brands. Above all, she is one
of my closest friends. Recently we realised that we always talked and chatted
about everything but style.

Your vision as a stylist that you would like to share?

Regarding photo shoots, as an assistant I was
given some very advice: Always start with the most beautiful items; the model
will feel attractive and secure, the photographer is happy and therefore, you
are happy – it is a win-win situation.

Any styling tips?

Always use good quality with great cut. Find a tailor that will help to
alter the clothes. Buy one key piece with excellent quality per season, rather
than buying less expensive, poorer quality pieces all the time. I always buy
one cashmere jumper every autumn and to date, I have a very useful collection
of warm, comfortable and beautiful jumpers that will last a lifetime with the
right care. I even keep them in the freezer to get rid of moths and carpet
beetles, HUH!

Who are the best dressed people according to Pirjo? ?

Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron johnson. They are
always dressed in a charming mixture of personal style, pattern, colour,
material, brands both high end and high street. They succeed in the difficult
and highly envied fashion part where everything works together effortlessly. And
you, of course!

What is good fashion?

Someone once said, ”Don´t act, let the wardrobe do the acting…”
Sometimes it applies as a statement of truly great fashion and at other times,
it applies as a mockery of really bad trends.

Any thoughts on designing
your own clothing range?

I am still dreaming of finding a stylish AND warm winter coat, which is
impossible to find. I have searched for it all my life, and it is so
disappointing not to have found it. It has to be achievable, or I have to do it
myself, don’t I? (Pirjo laughs)

So what pieces would you buy

The parka from Acne in Duvet! I cannot think about anything else that I
would like this autumn. If I were threatened at gunpoint, I would buy one
Hermes scarf that I have seen at NK in amazing colours.

Any must have items in your

I have a few Margiela, Demeulemeester and Branquinho etc., which I
bought between 1994-1995. They still work perfectly today and have become the
classics in my wardrobe.

Any clothes you regret you bought?

Actually, I don’t regret anything. Sure, I
have bought many pieces that were fashion mistakes, but nothing that feels
traumatic. I do regret things that I did not buy. Or actually, one regret of
mine was when I was in London one time and all of a sudden that little DKNY
sport/ski sock cost 6.50SEK, not in Sterling. Of course, I bought a lot of
them, for several thousands. Jesus! I still can’t believe how
this happened, and spending it on sport/ski socks? (The currency exchange for
the pound was 15SEK at the time!)

Who would you exchange your wardrobe with?

Some XS – Extra Small super duper rich
fashionista, preferably French.

Do you have a role model?

No, no one in particular. I find inspiration and energy from many
people, especially from people that have successfully made their outfit look
natural and effortless.

Something that you would not wear?

Bad logos and uncomfortable clothes.

Any bad fashion habits?

Actually no. I buy very little clothing for
myself; I really like my troopers in my wardrobe.

What fictional character has the greatest clothes?

Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York crosses my mind right now, or actually the whole
movie. And Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby.

What do you like the most
about you?

I do not need any make-up.

What is your motto?

Don’t worry, be sexy!