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Fashion Posted on 04 May, 2011 10:43

Thinking of eco-friendly does
not really bring to mind something particularly stylish. But Jasmine Zanacco,
creates the best shoes using eco-friendly luxury materials and limiting manufacturing
exclusively to support local craftsmen from Italy. The result? Impeccable
quality and sustainability. At the heart of the Zanacco brand is the conviction
that in this time and age luxury needs to substantiate an authentic focus on
the social conscience of the global consumer. Looking beyond eco-luxury,
Zanacco shoes are handmade by time-honoured craftsmen from Vigevano – the Italian capital of shoe
manufacturing – only using products sourced from the region. Jasmine Zanacco is
reintroducing the true art of shoe making, offering classic shoes, boots and
sneakers that are 100% Italian made,
in every single element.

What particularly caught my eye were Zanacco’s Sneakers, a cut above from the sea of smart
trainers that we see on a daily basis. The designs and the materials set the
difference. Jasmine tells me about her passion of supporting her home
town and how she feels distraught she sees local businesses going out of
business because it becomes too difficult to compete with larger mass
production manufacturers for so-called luxury goods in countries elsewhere.

The Zanacco collection is available at Wolf&Badger in Lebdury Road, London W11.

I am the wind

Art Posted on 04 May, 2011 06:40

Last night I attendee the premiere of I Am The Wind at the Young Vic, a powerful tale of enduring humanity against insurmountable odds. Two lifelong travelling companions are bound together on a journey across a vast ocean, the endless struggle to be human.

I am the Wind is the coming together of three of Europe’s great theatrical talents. France’s Patrice Chéreau directs a new adaptation of Norwegian Jon Fosse’s play about two men in a boat, rewritten by the UK’s Simon Stephens.

Fosse, who won the 2010 Ibsen Award, is one of the most prominent contemporary playwrights in Europe. He has been described as the Beckett of the 21st century and has had his work translated into more than 40 languages. Playwright Simon Stephens has created the English version of I Am The Wind. His previous work includes Punk Rock, Sea Wall, Pornography, Motortown, Harper Regan and On The Shore Of The Wide World, which won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play.

Patrice Chéreau, who directs I Am The Wind, is widely considered France’s leading theatre director and has been an important figure in European theatre since the 1970s. His award-winning films include La Reine Margot, His Brother and Intimacy.